Hardworking Washington, D.C. Attorneys Assist Clients with Trade and Compliance Concerns

Reputable international law firm breaks down global barriers for businesses

When your company needs experienced legal advice regarding international trade and staying compliant with various countries’ regulations, you can count on Asia & Middle East International Law Group to deliver sound counsel. Our seasoned Washington, D.C. attorneys have practiced business law for a combined 35 years. To give our clients the best chance at success, we stay-up-to-date with ever-changing rules and customs that govern trade between countries. We know that when your business is at stake, only high-quality legal advice will do, and we are proud to consistently deliver efficient and effective representation.

Diligent trade lawyers offer knowledgeable guidance for complex laws

We bring extensive experience to guiding clients through the intricate regulations that govern businesses that seek to do business across borders while adhering to all applicable laws, including in the areas of:

  • Export controls — There are complex restrictions related to various types of exports, such as sensitive information technology from this country and re-exports of foreign-manufactured products embedded with U.S. technology. It is particularly important to understand these restrictions as they relate to countries prohibited from trade by U.S. export laws.
  • Customs laws — U.S. Customs regulations are stringent regarding country-of-origin markings, valuations, classifications and other issues. We help companies understand these rules and counsel our clients so that they are also in compliance with these directives as well as any pertinent Homeland Security measures.
  • Economic sanctions — We advise companies about sanctions that have been levied on countries throughout the world and how restrictions administered by the U.S. State Department or the U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) could affect their business.
  • Internal compliance audits — To help stay in agreement with trade laws, companies can benefit from internal audits. These audits investigate compliance to international trade regulations in order to identify any shortcomings and recommend corrective measures. With our in-depth knowledge of international trade laws, we will help ensure that your business is operating within the law, thus avoiding issues later on.
  • Enforcement proceedings — Businesses that are found to be noncompliant can be subject to severe enforcement actions. We can advise you about steps you can take to minimize exposure to enforcement actions and advocate for you if you are subject to such actions.

In addition to these areas, our law firm provides services related to the full range of international trade and compliance concerns. We will put our years of experience to work for you.

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Washington, D.C.’s Asia & Middle East International Law Group counsels international clients in trade and compliance issues. Our seasoned lawyers have a combined 35 years of experience helping businesses in global trade matters. To schedule a consultation, call our firm at 202-945-9493 or contact us online.